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Flight of the Mongoose


Paul's first recording was recorded Sunday, October 10th, 2004 at Spyder Studios (www.spyderdesigns.net) by Gregg Gill. He classifies it as a pseudo shred track with neoclassical influences.

The song was written by Paul and the backing track constructed for him by Joel Gregoire (www.joelgregoire.com).   Thanks to Joel Gregoire, Gregg Gill, and Joe Stump for advising Paul regarding the solos, although the majority of the solos were improv.


Download Paul_Vasey_-_Flight_of_the_Mongoose.mp3

Fusion Jam (new name)


Originally, this was supposed to become an actual song, but in the interest of time, it ended up as more of a "jam track." with a few melodies here and there. Yes, there are some botched notes and bad bends here and there, but most of the sections were done first take. I'll be doing a "remix" so to speak of this song eventually. In its next manifestation, it will be more of a jazz/funk song - maybe even all acoustic, I don't know. Until then, enjoy...

Download I_Want_to.mp3

Shashi #9

     Home recorded acoustic song. Download Shashi__9.mp3

Fusion Jam (remix)

     Another take recorded at home. Download I_Want_to_Remix_Final.mp3

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